Crossing Over

A way to learn love.
To be brought to the end
of our known tolerance
against our will
and choose to stay with
or go through. To walk
the tightrope of the impossible
and cross over
into unknown land. To embrace
what we did not know
we needed
with our whole selves. To become
someone else, transformed and awed
at this new being
in our keep.

© 2014


One day soon, my mind will fly
back to sky. The birds will sing it.
My body will bleed back into earth.
The ground will drink my reds and browns.
Imagine the relief, not trying
to hold the colors together.

Our bodies belong to earth,
our minds to sky.
Nothing really belongs to us.
Everything just is
and teaches. We borrow
and will give it all back.

Start now. It will be easier.
Re-collect the memory shards
from when we were shattered
into existence, when we came
into curled wet leaves, howling
body bundles touching down.

© 2012

Published in:

The North Coast Squid: A Journal of Local Writing, Winter 2013.

We’Moon 2014 Gaia Rhythms for Womyn: Radical Balance: Dance of the Five Elements. Mother Tongue Ink, 2013.

“Embodied consciousness requires a study of articulation not only of body but of word.

― Janet Adler