Somatics Festival 2019

The Somatics Festival, held in September of 2019, celebrated the emerging work of Janet Adler, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Nancy Stark Smith and the 45-year heritage of Contact Quarterly.  This five-day festival was held in Northampton, MA where their time and work evolved during the 70’s- 90’s.

Janet’s workshop, Intimacy in Emptiness offered a studio practice and the historical development of the Discipline of Authentic Moment in relationship to her current experience of this way of work. Bonnie Morrissey and Paula Sager offered an introductory workshop, New Somatic Inquiries: Introduction to the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

The Somatics Festival website offers free access to primary views around these dynamic fields of inquiry—the Discipline of Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering®, and Contact Improvisation. The website stands as an archive of this moment of celebration inside the histories of these embodied practices and will remain as a resource.